The company organized and carried out safety accident warning education for employees throughout the factory and publicity of safety production matters.

网站编辑:浙江天开实业有限公司 │ 发布时间:2023-05-10 

In order to maintain the stability of the safe production situation, improve the company's safe production management level, and improve the awareness of safe production of all employees, on the morning of August 20, 2021, Zhejiang Excellent Industries Co., Ltd.Organized and carried out the warning education of safety accidents for employees of the whole factory and the publicity of safety production matters.


There are no rules and no boundaries. All the management systems formulated by the company are to ensure that our company can operate normally and survive for a long time.As an enterprise, it is even more important for us to ensure safe production.In order to ensure safe production, we have done a lot of preliminary preparations, formulated safety operating procedures, and formulated a series of safety management systems.

At the conference, He Xinming, general manager of the company, emphasized that safe production has always been the focus of our company. All workshops should attach great importance to it, fully recognize the relationship between safe production and the company's development and future, and be aware of the seriousness of safety issues from top to bottom, and make every effort to ensure the stability of the safe production situation.All projects should seriously implement safety production work to the front line. The managers of each workshop are the first responsible person for safety production, establish a safety awareness of life-threatening, clearly understand the legal responsibilities of production safety accidents, and strictly prevent safety accidents. Accidents occur.Resolutely implement the safety accident accountability system, warn others through accountability, and arouse attention to safety production work.Employees should standardize their own work system, remember to “hold a certificate to take the job”, and the operation of machinery and equipment and forklifts should be carried out in accordance with the operating requirements.

Secondly, it is emphasized that employees should pay attention to the protection of their own safety. In addition to complying with the rules and regulations of the workshop, they must also pay attention to traffic rules and regulations. In the process of using battery cars, remember to abide by the traffic rules and be responsible for their own lives!