Employee Series Report (6)-Feel the Power of Role Models: Huang Shu Neng

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Brilliant for 24 years, and then embark on a new journey, 2021 is T.K. Excellent's 24th anniversary.

24 years of golden years, 24 years of responsibility on your shoulders.There is such a group of lovely and lovely people. They come from different positions and have different personalities. They integrate enthusiasm into the company's development and spend their youth to accompany the company all the way forward.They have witnessed the rise of Excellent, and Excellent has also witnessed their growth.

Huang Shu Neng

Cold pier in screw workshop

The production workshop where the machines roared seemed a little stuffy. Huang Shu Neng wore an old blue overalls and shuttled between the orderly operation of machinery and equipment, carefully checking from time to time whether there was a problem with the equipment in operation. .

Huang Shu Neng, who is 54 years old this year, is a Leng Dun master in the company's screw workshop. This year is his fifteenth year in the company. In these fifteen years, with a hard-working and pragmatic spirit, he has experienced eye-catching growth and transformation in ordinary positions, from an apprentice to a Leng Dun master who is now in charge of 12 machines.

During the interview, Xiaobian, as usual, asked Master Huang why he persisted in this industry. Master Huang smiled and replied, “I don't have any skills. Unlike you, I have knowledge.” However, in Xiaobian's view, they have a hard-working spirit that we don't have. In the roaring environment of the machine, they use their sweat and hands to control more than 50 machines. This is the skill, this is the ability, and it is the knowledge that they have tried out with their youth.


Master Huang is from Jiangxi. He lives alone in the company's dormitory. He goes back to get together with his family on holidays every year. “Do you miss your family?"”I think so, but my family will also come to see me. During the epidemic last year, my son drove for 8 hours to send me over.” “I think my family is still very supportive of your work.” Master Huang said that he would continue to do the same until he retired, because the company helped them when they were in difficulties.

“In the future, I will continue to learn and accumulate, make myself an indispensable'screw‘ in the workshop, and contribute my own small contribution to the development of the enterprise. I also hope that my new colleagues can get down to work!”