Employee Series Report (5)-Feel the Power of Role Models: Wei Jianying

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Brilliant for 24 years, and then embark on a new journey, 2021 is T.K. Excellent's 24th anniversary.24 years of golden years, 24 years of responsibility on your shoulders.There is such a group of lovely and lovely people. They come from different positions and have different personalities. They will be full of enthusiasm into the company's development, and they will sway their youth to accompany the company's development all the way forward.They have witnessed the rise of Excellent, and Excellent has also witnessed their growth.

Wei Jianying

Purchasing department staff


If Excellent is a courtyard, then she is an extraordinary moonlight flower, pretty in the corner of the courtyard, sticking to an inch of soil, quietly exuding fragrance; if Excellent is a beam of light, then she is a light chaser who does her best, striving to chase the identified goal, doing her duty, regardless of the ego.

“I have been excellent since 2003. This is my 18th year of work, and it will be 19 years by February 17 next year.”This is Wei Jianying, the old employee we are going to interview in this issue.

Xiaobian walked into the office and saw Sister Wei's clean and tidy desktop, just like her meticulous work attitude.She came to T in 2003 after being introduced by her sister.K. Excellent, this is her first job. At that time, she was assigned to the packaging workshop and became an ordinary employee in the packaging workshop. Later, she went through a number of positions, from product packaging team leader, planner, personnel administrator, warehouse manager, she went wherever she was needed, until April 2017, she joined the company's purchasing department, from packaging material procurement to parts procurement until now.

Joining the purchasing department is also a brand new challenge for Sister Wei. She needs to prove herself with actions.In order to better complete procurement work and service production, she strives to overcome difficulties such as tight time, large tasks, and insufficient manpower, and faces difficulties with her colleagues; in work exchanges with other departments, Sister Wei always adheres to the principles of seriousness, rigor, thoughtfulness, and patience, and actively communicates with relevant personnel to coordinate work; in private, Sister Wei also actively participates in various safety, quality, and management studies, and strives to improve herself so that she can do better, “Live to be old and learn to be old!""Sister Wei said with a smile.

For 18 years, she has always been adhering to the spirit of practical and diligent work. She has always strictly required herself by the standards of a buyer, silently persisting in ordinary positions, and selfless dedication. “I am responsible for my work” has always been her rule of doing things.

During the conversation, Sister Wei said that she was from Hubei and followed the company from Wenzhou to Haiyan by herself. She has been working in Haiyan for more than ten years. The company's colleagues and leaders are extremely concerned about her both in work and life.One year during the Spring Festival, the company's leaders also visited the homes of old employees in different regions to understand the living conditions of employees and give them help in life!

As old employees of the company, we should show our good side to new employees. Each of us is a mirror of the company, representing the company's image, good mental outlook, thoughts and behaviors, is the basis for the company's continuous progress and development.