Precautions for the selection of fastener products

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Fasteners are essential small parts in the entire machinery manufacturing industry, from some common small machinery, trolleys, children's toys, etc., to some fighter jets, bombers, aviation aircraft and other large machinery are inseparable from fasteners everywhere!It can be seen that fasteners are closely related to our lives.

The fasteners we can often see in normal times are anchor bolts, U-shaped bolts, double-headed bolts and so on.So how can I choose the fasteners I want with reliable quality?Today we will take the U-shaped bolt as an example, and simply teach everyone to find the right U-shaped bolt!

1.From the material point of view, U-shaped bolts

There are many kinds of materials used. Different uses determine which material to choose. Different materials are also divided into grades. We can divide them into: 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 according to the different use environment and maximum carrying capacity. U-shaped bolts are mainly used in the construction foundations of factories, railways, and electric power companies, bridges, long-span steel structures, water pumps, boiler installations, and embedded and fixed fields of heavy equipment. At this time, they can be selected according to the purpose of U-shaped bolts.

2.Choose from the inner radius of the U-bolt

The design of the U-shaped bolt has high requirements for the curvature of the internal gear, and the curvature is required to be in a natural state.U-shaped pipes can only be used if the installed pipe diameter is the same in radians.If the curvature of the internal gear is unnatural, and the U-shaped pipe cannot be close to the surface of the pipe diameter during the installation process, the U-shaped bolt will not play any role, which is equivalent to the installation of the U-shaped pipe bolt has no meaning.

3.Choose according to the anticorrosive treatment method

There are many anticorrosive treatment methods for U-shaped pipes, and they can be carried out through different treatment methods.There are many ways to prevent it from rusting, but generally certain treatment methods are used on the surface: color galvanized, white galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, etc., which effectively prevents surface corrosion and can be selected according to the use environment.For example, in humid and dry environments, U-bolts with different surface treatments need to be selected.

All in all, there are many aspects to consider in the choice of U-shaped bolts. As long as you understand the above three aspects clearly, you can choose a U-shaped bolt that meets your requirements.